Certified Ocean Walker Technique Coach (L1)
STA L2 Award Swimming Teacher

Jim Read born 7th Feb 1987, Mechanical engineer for 14 years, had a freak accident while at work and suffered multiple vertebrae fractures, multiple prolapsed discs, and spinal cord compression.
Jim learned how to walk again once feeling was gained back into his legs and was advised to book in to see Adam Walker in 2018 for his first Ocean Walker Technique lesson. Jim went from struggling to walk and swimming one length of a 30m pool to taking on a 10km lake district swim / Coniston end to end / English Channel relay and Jersey to France relay. Jim now swims effortlessly with zero pain in his lower back and has his sights set on a Jersey to France 2way attempt and an English Channel solo attempt in 2022 / 2023 thanks to the Ocean Walker Technique.

As a qualified Ocean Walker Technique coach, Jim is available for 1-1 lessons at the Ocean Walker Academy in Lincolnshire and you will also find him supporting Adam Walker on Ocean Walker swim camps Worldwide.

Steve Smith Ocean Walker Technique Coach L1

What an incredible experience!

I have long wanted to improve my swimming, but didn’t know where to start. The Ocean Walker Academy was recommended by a sea swimming friend and after having a bit of a Google it sounded ideal. Being hypermobile and having had surgery on a broken collar bone a few years ago I wanted a way to swim which is efficient and low impact and I was intrigued by their technique. I was pretty apprehensive when booking my 1:1 coaching session,… Read more “What an incredible experience!”

Susan Shearer

Superb facilities and coaches

I first came to Ocean Walker Academy in September 2021 for a open water taster, I thoroughly enjoyed this session and continued swimming until Mid October. I then took a break and came back in January after reading a inspirational quote by Adam on Facebook which basically said live outside your comfort zone. So I started to say ‘yes’ to more things, I have been swimming in the lake since then. Yesterday, I had a 1-1 session with Jim to… Read more “Superb facilities and coaches”

Sally Taphouse

A Swimming Lesson with Jim Read

On the 3rd June 2022 I had a 5 hour lesson with Jim Read to learn the Ocean Walker technique. I can swim breaststroke to a fashion but have never really managed to master swimming the front crawl stroke. We started at 9.00am and both got straight into the indoor endless pool where we stayed for the full five hours which went by so quickly. Jim teaches the technique in stages and makes sure you are competent and happy at… Read more “A Swimming Lesson with Jim Read”

Tony Lavin

Game Changer

As a keen open water swimmer I have several long distance challenge events lined up for later in the year but I have been plagued with an ongoing and recurring shoulder injury which was causing me concern. Added to that my stroke was neither efficient or effective and it was most certainly not aesthetically pleasing! Quite by chance I happened across Adam’s story and the Ocean Walker Academy website. I was blown away by Adam’s mesmerising stroke and how easy… Read more “Game Changer”

Justine O'Neill

Turning a thrashing windmill into a relaxed swimmer

A fantastic hour session with Jim each for me and my 75+ year old mother. We really learned loads with Jim. He was very clear and kept us learning for the full hour. Great to have the post session feedback youtube videos – incredible useful Big thanks Jim!

Paul Read

Starter session for Ocean Walker technique, with Jim Read.

I have always found conventional front crawl technique very tiring and energy sapping but the Ocean Walker Technique is really a revelation, as it is so effective and efficient and I do not suffer no back and neck pain after swimming already Read more “Starter session for Ocean Walker technique, with Jim Read.”

Kevin Todd

Completely speechless and so excited!

Not sure if Jim realises just how much this is going to change my life and I cannot thank him, Adam and Gemma enough for all their reassurance and kindness. I looked like a dying duck when I first swam yesterday but with Jim’s patience and reassurance felt I acheived so much by the end of the session. Read more “Completely speechless and so excited!”

Tammie Richards


  • 10k Open Water Swim - Lake District
  • Coniston End to End
  • English Channel Relay
  • Jersey to France Channel Relay


All abilities welcome, whether you are a complete beginner or advanced.
The lesson will take place in an indoor heated endless pool (like a running machine for swimming).
If you have not had a session with an Ocean Walker Technique coach before, then you will require a STARTER SESSION as your first booking (see LESSONS page for further information on what this means).
This session takes you through each stage that builds up the Ocean Walker Technique so you learn how to position your body more efficiently in the water and how to use core muscles to power your swim.
This will give you a lot to work with following your session, but we do always recommend a follow-up once you have had chance to put what you have learned to practice in your own time.
Working through the stages and positioning to get you started with the Ocean Walker Technique (requires follow-up sessions).
If you have had a lesson with one of our OWT coaches before or participated an Ocean Walker Swim Camp, then this is a good option to continue your progression.
Learn other swim techniques such as BREASTSTROKE and BACKSTROKE.
Also good as a regular follow-up session option in the Ocean Walker Technique.

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