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Ocean Walker Logo and Brand

Ocean Walker the brand was created by Adam Walker, the first British person to complete the hardest 7 ocean swims in the world called 'The Oceans 7'

It was created following his passion and love for the sport. The brand with the white horse logo is very personal to Adam signifying determination and will to succeed.


In 2007 Adam had a normal job as a salesman and hadn't swam regularly for 10 years, when he was inspired by a film called 'On a clear day' to swim the English channel. That goal then turned into the Oceans 7. He was never a competitive front crawl swimmer and now he is classed as one of the best open water swimmers in the world!! Showing anything is possible and his motto 'Never give up on your dreams' which is very personal to him is often found printed on the 'Ocean walker' garments.

Adams very successful swimming stroke was created by him following a ruptured bicep tendon swimming the English Channel, he was told to never to swim again by his surgeon. This style of swimming is not only efficient it uses the correct muscles and body position to maximise your speed with less effort. 


Adam has had evasive surgery on his shoulder three times in total as well as two operations on his left knee and one on his right knee.
Adam says "I cant sleep on my left shoulder and cant hold 10kg out to the side, however I can swim 17 hours with this stroke".

Therefore demonstrating you can still improve with injury!!

Adam Walker Swim Stroke


Swim Camps

In 2013 Ocean Walker launched a number of swim camps in the UK. Due to their success, in 2014 along with increasing venues across the UK the first 5 day Malta swim camp was launched along with Keith Bartolo an endurance swimmer, swim coach for over 20 years and current Assistant National Swim Coach of Malta Olympic team.

Collectively the knowledge and experience they offer means that for the swimmer who wants to do a channel relay, solo swim or simply want to increase their distance in open water, they will gain all the tools necessary in order to do this.


Having never failed on a swim Adam knows what it takes to achieve your swimming goal. He has faced most obstacles that the ocean can throw at you, from being stung by a portuguese man o war, sprinting against relentless currents for over 15 hours, swimming in freezing cold temperatures and encountering sharks on his way. Whether it is your first time in open water, triathlon, iron man or a channel swim you are in great hands and the camps will definitely fulfill your needs. Adam's passion and enthusiasm for what he teaches is infectious. 


1-1 Coaching

As well as the open water swimming, Adam offers 1-1 coaching in the pool (Adam having over 17 years experience as an ASA qualified swim instructor). These sessions are aimed at completely restructuring the stroke, to become more efficient with less effort and being indoors allows for great quality video analysis above and below the water. The stroke you will learn is what Adam has developed and why he has conquered the toughest ocean swims in the world as well as the male winner of the 21 mile two way Windermere in 2010. The stroke has been affectionately named 'The Ocean Walker' technique by clients.


Ocean Walker Clothing & Merchandise

Following the popularity of Adams own branded clothing, Ocean Walker launched a small selection of clothes available to buy online. The Ocean Walker clothing range is unique with the white horse logo signifying determination and achieving your goals which encapsulates the essence of the brand. Ocean Walker also offers hoodies, woolly hats, swim hats and tow floats and coming soon shark defence unit.


There is more to come from us yet...watch this space.

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