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Understanding the Risks:
All swimmers agree to swim at entirely their own risk and in the unlikely event of injury, accident, loss or damaged suffered, however it may be caused, no responsibility whatsoever will be attached to the organisers, or any persons involved in the organising of Ocean Walker Swim Camps.

Swimming conditions:

In the swimming pool:
You will be advised if the swimming pool is indoor or outdoor and if the pool is heated or not.
Due to the length of time we spend immersed in water, even using an indoor heated swimming pool, there are times when the temperature is ‘not as warm as we would like’. When using an outdoor swimming pool, we have the weather to take into consideration also. Whether we are inside or outdoors, we always recommend the use of a rash vest or swim top, to protect your skin from the sun, as well as providing a little extra warmth when needed. Whether you wear one or not is your choice.


  1. All swimmers must read this form prior to booking, when you book, you have agreed to our terms of participation
  2. Swimming during the course is only permitted when you are directed by the OW swim camp staff
  3. Swimmer must leave the water when directed to do so
  4. Swimmer must wear correct swimming equipment
  5. Always swim in the direction the OW swim camp staff advise
  6. Swim responsibly, know your limits and swim within them. If you are feeling tired or unwell please speak to a member of the OW team before we start. During the course we do not recommend the consumption of alcohol – again, know your limits.

Acknowledgment of Risk

  1. I acknowledge I have read, understand and will comply with Ocean Walker Swim Camp rules.
  2. I completely understand and accept the risks involved in taking part in pool and open water swimming, including the possibility of serious injury or death.
  3. In the unlikely event of injury, accident, loss or damaged suffered, however it may be caused, no responsibility whatsoever will be attached to the organisers, landlords, or any persons involved in the organising of the open water swimming at Ocean Walker Swim Camps.
  4. I hereby certify that I am physically fit and well to participate in such training and don’t know of any medical condition that would prevent me safely swimming in the swimming pool
  5. I undertake at all times to use my best endeavours to train in a safe manner and not to do anything that would expose myself or other swimmers to any unnecessary risk or injury.
  6. I hereby declare that I can swim the distance stipulated for my chosen course in the swimming pool confidently and unaided in water temperatures as stated on the chosen course page.  

Physical contact:
During the swim camp, we may request to position you correctly in the water or demonstrate body position during the theory sessions. For example, your head may be out of line during the stages, in which case Ocean Walker staff would gently move your head into the correct position. By booking this course you agree that you are happy for us to do so. Ocean Walker staff will always take care not to move you in a way that will cause distress or harm. Do speak to one of the Ocean Walker staff before the camp starts if you have any concerns about this.

Photography and filming:
As part of the Ocean Walker Swim Camps we include video analysis, which involves photography and filming of you while swimming. This is done above the water and below the water. The footage is used to analyse your stroke progress throughout the camp. We would also like to use photography and video clips for our own marketing purposes.

If for any reason you do not wish to have your imagery used for anything other than the stroke analysis please ensure you advise Ocean Walker staff before the swim camp starts.

Your Videos and Copyright: Following the swim camp, your videos taken from the day will be edited and sent to you on email using a private viewing link. The content provided in this email is for the recipient only, as it may contain video footage of Adam Walker and the stages, which are not available for public viewing. Video links and passwords are being provided to you as a participant of an Ocean Walker swim camp to help further your personal progress, and should not be shared. We thank you for your co-operation.

Ocean Walker Qualified Coaches:
By participating in an Ocean Walker swim camp, you will be coached by qualified coaches and in some cases a coach in training will be assisting our fully qualified teams.

As a participant you will learn how to swim the Ocean Walker Technique.

As someone who has participated in the course, this does not qualify you to teach or coach the Ocean Walker Technique. The Ocean Walker Technique is a registered trademark.
If you are approached by someone claiming to be able to coach the Ocean Walker Technique, you can check our list of qualified coaches on our website at the link below, or send us an email so that we can check on your behalf.

It is important that you are only coached this technique by a qualified Ocean Walker Technique coach, as anyone who is not trained may cause you injury or harm in their attempts, which goes against everything the creator Adam Walker has created this technique for.

You can check our list of qualified coaches here: www.oceanwalkeracademy.com/ocean-walker-coaches

Any questions, please email us directly before booking info@oceanwalkeruk.com


Booking & Payment

Payment is made in full at the time of booking.

It is important that you read through this document before booking.



We have carefully selected our swimming locations.

The location of the swim camp/course will be detailed on the course page, with full address, postcode and link to the venue website where possible. Please ensure you can make your own way to and from the venue.



Unless otherwise stated, accommodation is not included.
If you are booking on a swim camp that states hotel/camping/accommodation is included then the details of your accommodation will be shown on the course page.

Please note: for camping, you will require your own tent and camping equipment.



For anyone travelling to a different country to attend a swim camp we would advise that you have your own comprehensive travel insurance cover to include the activities you will undertake.


Swim Ability

Every camp or training course will state the ability level.
The Masterclass Pool sessions are suitable for mixed ability groups. We recommend that if you have attended a swim camp with us before that you book onto a follow-up course or a more advanced course. If you haven't practiced the technique for a while then attending a masterclass again is a good way to get back on track.

New to swimming? We welcome beginner swimmers, please do advise us of your ability in the comments or notes section when booking.

Please do ensure you book yourself onto the most suitable course, if you are unsure please do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly.



This camp will concentrate on improving your front crawl stroke, and you will learn the Ocean Walker Technique, created by Adam Walker. We do not offer coaching of an alternative swim stroke on our courses.


Age restrictions:

You must be 18 years or over to attend a swim camp or training day.

We will accept 14 years and over if accompanied by an adult, but you must contact us prior to advise.


What equipment do I need to bring with me?

    •    Swimming trunks/swim suit

    •    Swim cap (optional - we will give you a cap to keep)

    •    Goggles

    •    Towel


The Swim Camp Group 

Adam is keen to ensure each person receives the attention they require on the Ocean Walker swim camps. This is why we keep our group numbers to 10-14 attendees. 

Swim camps are suitable for any keen swimmer from beginners to advanced, pool or open water swimmer. Whether you are just looking to improve on your fitness and stroke or you are planning to do a channel swim. It is a great way to mix with like minded swimmers, share each other’s experiences and learn in a safe and organised environment with experienced swim coaches and support team.


Your Safety
Ocean Walker check all facilities and venues. Swimming pools with have lifeguards on duty, either on the side or part of the Ocean Walker team.


Meals and refreshments

We state on the course details if any meals or refreshments are provided, it is important that you please advise us at the time of booking if you have any specific dietary requirements.


Course Itinerary

Once booked onto the course, the full itinerary will be sent to you by email 1-2 weeks prior to the event date. You will be expected to take part in the whole training course. It has been created to be beneficial as well as enjoyable. If for any reason you do not wish to take part in a certain aspect of the course we would need to be notified at your earliest convenience. The course price is fixed, so we are not able to offer any refund for any part of the schedule that you wish not to take part in.



In the event you need to cancel your booking with us you must write to us to advise that you wish to cancel your booking immediately, so that we can take the best action required. Cancellation charges do apply and are detailed below:


a. Cancellation advised 56 days or more before camp start date 

    •    You will receive a full refund.


b. Cancellation advised 55 days or under before camp start date

    •    Charges will apply for any cancellations or amendments made to your booking within this time. Dependant on the time given, we may not be able to offer any refund. 

    •    If you are able to find a replacement for your booking, we can offer a refund once payment has been received in full from the new attendee, less admin charges tba.


Please note that if a service is cancelled through no fault of Ocean Walker, then the payment processing fee will not be refunded. Approx. 2.75% of the total value of your order, depending on the payment method this can vary slightly.



Any questions, please email us directly before booking info@oceanwalkeruk.com

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