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Booking & Payment

To book your place on an Ocean Walker swim camp, please fill out the booking form in full.

Payment is made in full at the time of booking.

We will then contact you directly to confirm further details.


Flights and transfer to hotel

Flights are not included, and must be arranged by you.
Transfer is not included unless otherwise stated.



Please ensure you have your own comprehensive travel insurance, which must cover you against medical and personal accident risks (to include repatriation costs, air ambulance and helicopter rescue services) as well as open water swimming (under sports/recreation). Your insurer will be able to confirm if this is covered in your policy. Upon booking this course you are confirming that you understand that it is your responsibility and that you must have this in place for your trip.


Swim Ability

OW swim camps are aimed at improving your stroke technically, with hands on coaching and training. These courses have been designed based on different levels of abilities, please ensure you check you ability level before booking a camp.


Open Water Swimming Ability Measure:


You have only just started, or not even tried open water swimming.

You are able to swim 1km in the pool.


Depending on the actual course, check the details on the booking page as some ability requirements vary.
You are able to swim at least 1.5km - pool and open water, preferably 3k. 


As intermediate plus, you are a confident open water swimmer being able to swim at least 3km in open water, and are looking to improve technique and enhance your training. These courses are usually aimed at channel swimmers, triathletes and iron man participants.


If you are unsure on which ability level you come under, please contact us with regards to the course you are interested in.



Ocean Walker swim camps concentrate on improving your freestyle stroke, which is the favoured stroke in marathon swimming, using the efficient Ocean Walker Technique created by Adam Walker.

Age restrictions:

You must be 18 years or over to attend an Ocean Walker swim camp, younger participants will be considered based on experience and ability and will require parental guidance.


Swimming open water requires a certain level of fitness. Please ensure you are a proficient swimmer and are fit enough to take part. Please advise at the time of booking if you have any health concerns or if you suffer from asthma, diabetes etc.


Optional 6 hour or 2 hour Channel Swim qualifiers

On our advanced swim camps we may offer you the chance based on your performance to take part in a 6 hour or a 2 hour channel qualifier sea swim. This is perfect if you are looking to pursue a channel crossing solo or relay. This swim is optional and you can take part even if you are not planning to swim the channel.

Channel swim qualifying details:

 • For a solo attempt – a 6 hour swim in water 61°F/16°C or less, wearing no clothing or aids to enhance heat-retention, buoyancy or speed and conducted at any time up to 30 months before the start of the tidal period during which you have booked your swim

• For a relay attempt – a 2 hour swim in water 61°F/16°C or less, wearing no clothing or aids to enhance heat-retention, buoyancy or speed and conducted at any time up to 18 months before the start of the tidal period during which you have booked your swim.

• These swims are short compared to your Channel swim attempt and should not be treated as training swims. Your training should include regular swims of longer durations.


We will give you the opportunity to swim at sea for upto 6 hours. Upon completion you will receive a certificate signed by your coaches and a completed CS&PF and CSA assessment swim form, that you can take away with you as proof.  We will provide a safety boat and nutritional feeding for this swim. 


Where the option is given, we ask you to advise us at the time of booking which swim you would like to take part in. Over the course of the weeks training, you may change your mind on your decision, please give us a days notice on this. The coaches are also at liberty to only allow swimmers to take part in the 6 hour swim that they feel are fit and safe enough to do so.


What equipment do I need to bring with me?

    •    Your own wetsuit (if required)

    •    Swimming trunks/swim suit

    •    Spare swim cap (we will provide you with an Ocean Walker swim cap)

    •    Goggles

    •    Towel

    •    Warm clothing (inc. woolly hat)

    •    Footwear (either sea shoes or flip flops to go to and from the sea)

    •    Rucksack/swim bag

    •    Vaseline (to avoid chaffing)

    •    Ear plugs


The Swim Camp Group 

Ocean Walker are keen to ensure each person receives the attention they require on the Ocean Walker swim camps. This is why we keep our group numbers to 10 attendees maximum. 

Open water swim camps are suitable for any keen open water swimmer, whether you are just looking to improve on your fitness and stroke or you are planning to do a channel swim. It is a great way to mix with like minded swimmers, share each other’s experiences and learn in a safe and organised environment with experienced swim coaches and support team.


Your Safety

We will be hugging the coastline on our sea swims and for the shorter distance swims will be accompanied by an experienced sea safety team on kayaks.

For the longer swims we will be accompanied by safety boat.

Support inflatables are also provided and must be worn when advised to do so by your Ocean Walker team.


Marine Life:

All part of the open water swimming experience, and we are in good hands. We will check our chosen swim spots every day to ensure your best safety. For anyone concerned about  Jelly fish stings, we will do our best to avoid areas where they are populated and any stings that do occur will be treated immediately. This is why we have several different swimming routes planned. Think of it as good practice for your channel swim, Adam will be able to tell you more about his experiences!


Weather conditions:

We can never guarantee the weather, water conditions or temperature. In any open water swim your safety is our priority and we will make the relevant checks before each swim. In severe cases of weather we may have to postpone a swim or move the venue. Any changes to schedules will be advised at the earliest possible time.


Water Quality:

Ocean Walker use swim venues pproved for open water swimming, and where possible have received water quality testing. In the event that the water quality of a venue is not up to standard, then we will do our best to either change schedule, postpone the swim session or the last option to cancel the session.


Accommodation (if applicable)

We have personally checked the accommodation for our swim camp attendees to ensure that it is up to our high level of standards, ensuring the most suitable location and facilities to suit everyone’s needs.


All rooms have double/twin beds, you just need to advise if you are single occupancy or double.

Where offered, you are welcome to bring a non-swimming partner/friend to stay with you, there is an additional charge for a non-swimming guest, which is stated on the booking form or can be advised via email.


Meals and refreshments

    •    Please advise at the time of booking any dietary requirements

    •    Meals included in the course price will be advised on the course page


Course Itinerary

Your full itinerary will be sent to you by email once we have received your booking confirmation and payment. You will be expected to take part in the whole training course. It has been created to be

beneficial as well as enjoyable. If for any reason you do not wish to take part in a certain aspect of the course we would need to be notified at your earliest convenience. The course price is fixed, so we are not able to offer any refund for any part of the schedule that you wish not to take part in.



In the event you need to cancel your booking with us you must write to us to advise that you wish to cancel your booking immediately, so that we can take the best action required. Cancellation charges do apply and are detailed below:


a. Cancellation advised 56 days or more before camp start date 

    •    You will receive a full refund.


b. Cancellation advised 55 days or under before camp start date

    •    Charges will apply for any cancellations or amendments made to your booking within this time. Dependant on the time given, we may not be able to offer any refund. 

    •    If you are able to find a replacement for your booking, we can offer a refund once payment has been received in full from the new attendee, less admin charges tba.


Please note that if a service is cancelled through no fault of Ocean Walker, then the payment processing fee will not be refunded. Approx. 2.75% of the total value of your order, depending on the payment method this can vary slightly.



Cancellation by Ocean Walker:

In the unlikely event that we need to cancel a swim camp, you will be given as much notice as possible and we will always try to offer you an alternative option. With open water swimming, sometimes the weather and events beyond our control may require that we change date or venue, which will always be in the best interest and safety of our swimmers.

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