1-1 Coaching

1-1 Coaching



"THE OCEAN WALKER STROKE HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!! I couldn't swim 1 length of front crawl properly and after spending a day with Adam I did the 2.4k historical Alcatraz swim all frontcrawl!!! Amazing!!" (Ian Johnson, London)

Adam Walkers Ocean Walker technique
The 'Ocean Walker' stroke is unique and has been created by Adam Walker the first British person ever to swim the hardest 7 ocean swims in the world called the Oceans Seven
Why was it created?
Following his English Channel crossing Adam had to have two operations due to a ruptured bicep tendon from a poor swimming technique and told never to swim again. As this wasn't an option to quit the sport he loves he went on a mission to develop the most efficient stroke possible that doesn't compromise on speed which is effective for all abilities.
Who is it for?
Pool and open water beginners, triathletes, iron men and channel swimmers
What is it?
The stoke focuses on using the core muscles to generate maximum power in order to save energy and prevent shoulder and other injuries. 
The Benefits
Injury prevention, less strokes per length, extremely efficient, more power and speed with less physical effort, ensuring more energy for shorter and longer swims.
Adam is so passionate about his stroke it has not only prolonged his swimming career, he has become faster and far more efficient. He used to swim 72 strokes per minute and now has reduced to an average of 52 stokes per minute that is a whopping 1200 strokes per hour less!! In addition he is 5 seconds faster over 100 metres and 1 min 15 secs over a mile. He broke the 10 mile Gibraltar Straits record in 2010 and was the first British man complete a 2 way crossing. In addition he was the first Brit to cross both Molokai and Tsugaru Straits. During the Tsugaru Channel crossing Adam had to maintain 4k an hour against huge swells and currents for 15 hours 31 mins.
1-1 lessons include:
  • Adam Walker (be taught by the man himself)
  • Stroke correction
  • Live demonstrations from Adam
  • Breaking things down into stages
  • Video analysis
  • Detailed report

Adams coaching sessions are based completely around your requirements and ability. He believes in a hands on approach to coaching, with demonstrations in the pool so you can see the stroke in action first hand. This helps to visualise the stroke and aids in the learning process. He will also position and direct you where necessary, guiding you every step of the way.

You will see from the videos below that Adam has a very relaxed stroke technique, with minimal effort maximising his body position in the water to increase propulsion creating a powerful glide.


Pool Locations:
David Lloyd, Fulham Broadway Retail Centre, Fulham Road, Chelsea, London, SW6 1BW
David Lloyds, Burton Waters, Lincoln, LN1 2BE

Open Water Locations:
Nottinghamshire - private lake, directions provided upon booking

Adam offers his sessions in the pool, open water and online.
Each form of training is bespoke to your requirements.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUERIES OR TO BOOK: Please contact us directly to organise a suitable date and time.

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