Online Coaching Sessions

Online Coaching Sessions


One to one swimming lessons with Adam Walker ONLINE has been created for those looking to improve their swimming stroke technique, but may not have the time to travel to one of Adams locations for a swim camp or a one on one. Adam also offers sessions that concentrate on training, as well as talking and motivating you through your next challenge or fear in swimming.

Online swim coaching with Adam Walker

There are many effects swimming has on the body and it is not just physical. Adam has started from scratch and built his way up. He understands the physical and psychological pressures that swimming has on a person, and not only does he want to help others with advancing in their swimming stroke technique, but also getting their head in the right place, whether it is for your next race or next challenge, in the pool or open water.

The online sessions are a perfect platform for swimmers:

  • with busy schedules
  • around the world
  • top up / follow up (e.g. after attending a camp)
  • of all abilities
  • taking on a swimming challenge
  • looking for advice on open water swimming
  • wanting to improve performance
  • wanting to avoid injury (or further injury)

Ocean Walker online sessions with Adam Walker will be taken over Skype, so you will be required to be connected to the internet, have a Skype account up and running, webcam set-up and ofcourse have tested that it all works before your session starts. You will only require the free Skype account and you can download it here.
Once your date and time has been scheduled and agreed, all you need to do is logon and wait for our us to call you.


1.       Stroke analysis (initial 5 sessions required)

2.       Motivational (psychological, challenge setting, overcoming fears)

3.       Training advice (channel training / pool sets)

BOOKING YOUR DATE & TIME: We will contact you as soon as we receive your order directly to organise a suitable date and time. Alternatively you can contact us directly first to arrange this and then place your order online.

All sessions are bespoke to each person’s needs and requirements.

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