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Swimming lessons with Adam Walker
Swimming lessons with Adam Walker

Your coach Adam Walker specialises in teaching his Ocean Walker stroke technique.
Adams coaching sessions are based completely around your requirements and ability. He believes in a hands on approach to coaching, with demonstrations in the pool so you can see the stroke in action first hand. This helps to visualise the stroke and aids in the learning process. He will also position and direct you where necessary, guiding you every step of the way.

1-1 Lessons include:

  • Adam Walker (be taught by the man himself)
  • Stroke correction
  • Live demonstrations from Adam
  • Breaking things down into 5 bitesize stages
  • Video analysis
  • Detailed report
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The Ocean Walker front crawl stroke technique focuses on using the core muscles to generate maximum power in order to save energy and prevent shoulder and other injuries.

You can see from the video of Adam swimming below how effortless the stroke looks.
Here Adam is swimming at 1:03 per 100 meters (43 strokes per minute)

Video analysis Video analysis swimming lessons

Your swimming lesson is filmed above and under the water and during your session Adam will talk you through the footage so that you can see your position in the water as Adam explains his reasoning behind the corrections required.

Video analysis for swimming is not only very helpful during the lesson, but a great way to log your progress over the following weeks/months/years and comparing before and after shots.

All swimming video footage is sent onto you so that after each lesson you can refer to it at any time.

Never watched yourself swim?
You may be suprised at what you see!

Swimming lessons in Lincoln LONDON & LINCOLN
For full details (click here) or contact Gemma on info@oceanwalkeruk.com
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