I recently did the 3 hour starter session “Mini” with Jim Read at The Ocean Walker Academy, I usually swim “head up breaststroke” and have only a very basic/novice front crawl which was much in need of improvement! Having seen the technique developed by Adam Walker, and seen the obvious advantages to his technique, it made complete sense to give it a go.

Booking the lesson was very simple to do online, the booking system also gave me the opportunity to provide information for Jim (health, ability, goals etc) so that when I arrived a clear lesson plan had been prepared for me. Jim greeted me enthusiastically on my arrival and he made me feel welcomed and at ease straight away with his usual friendly, positive manner and clear instruction.

Each stage of my lesson was carefully explained and demonstrated where necessary and there were really helpful pre-prepared video clips on a large screen tv to provide additional help and explanation for each drill, the underwater and overhead video system being used was invaluable as I could see what I was doing and be shown what I needed to do differently in order to improve.

Jim made me feel very safe throughout the session and I felt very encouraged, any questions I had were answered clearly and while the session was taken seriously and professionally there was also a sense of fun. The video taken of me before and after my lesson showed a real improvement and the lesson left me feeling highly motivated and inspired to practice what I had been taught.

The facilities were second to none, the endless pool itself was brilliant and the changing/shower area was very impressive, being clean, comfortable and extremely well equipped.
The whole team at The Ocean Walker Academy went above and beyond to make me feel welcome, and they have all been extremely friendly and helpful not just for my lesson but also for general open water swimming.

After my lesson I received follow up videos and a lesson briefing along with a review of what I needed to work on as I progressed forward. The whole package was professional and very detailed, and I learned so much and with all the very high standard of instruction, the excellent facilities and in depth follow up it was really good value for money.

I am really looking forward to booking my next lesson with Jim soon and would highly recommend this starter session to anyone, be they a novice like myself or a more serious swimmer wishing to learn the Ocean Walker Technique.