I would really like to thank the Ocean Walker Team for a fantastic coaching session on Friday. I had initially been viewing the lessons on Vimeo and had got to a point where I understood the stoke but needed guidance. Attending a swim camp a few weeks ago reaffirmed the importance of the drills and how critical it is to get the basics right. Then on Friday had a full 5 hours coaching with Jim which was invaluable, the coaching style was excellent – explanation, demonstration, imitation, repetition and review until each stage was right. Jim’s enthusiasm and motivation in teaching this stroke was really infectious and inspiring. His sole aim was for me to walk away able to swim this technique, which while I need more practice I did. I know you pay for the coaching but the location, atmosphere and the amount of experience provided was excellent. This 1-1 session made the penny drop, and this was down to Jim’s coaching, perseverance and experience, so a massive thank you Jim.

Thank you Sophie for the warm welcome and finally thank you Adam for sharing your experience, hints and tips during the session and a photo opportunity at the end,

A great day we’ll worth every penny, a real inspiration meeting all you guys, a great place to learn. Big thanks Jim once again for some top coaching.

Thanks again.