On the 3rd June 2022 I had a 5 hour lesson with Jim Read to learn the Ocean Walker technique. I can swim breaststroke to a fashion but have never really managed to master swimming the front crawl stroke. We started at 9.00am and both got straight into the indoor endless pool where we stayed for the full five hours which went by so quickly. Jim teaches the technique in stages and makes sure you are competent and happy at each stage before moving onto the next. There are overhead and underwater cameras which can record and Jim uses these to show you what you did on your last attempt. As they say ‘a picture paints a thousand words’. Jim is a great coach with so much patience and enthusiasm for what he does that it makes the lesson such a pleasurable experience. I am now going to go away and practice and will definitely be back for another lesson once I have spent time practicing what Jim taught me. Thank you Jim for your patience and encouragement; I had a really enjoyable day and look forward to coming back to continue mastering the Ocean Walker technique.