Yesterday I took my first step to finally swimming outdoors. I had an accident 4 years ago which affected my mobility, confidence and so much more

I feel so me in the pool but find my fitness and swim technique now is putting me off trying something new. I was told about this incredible place by a friend and I am so grateful

Yesterday I had my first 3 hour swim coaching session in this new technique and I am so excited to actually get swimming more and perfecting it with the drills I have been taught.

I looked like a dying duck when I first swam yesterday but with Jim’s patience and reassurance felt I acheived so much by the end of the session. Jim explained everything so clearly and answered every ‘but why’ question I threw at him.

I didn’t sleep last night going over every drill in my head and cannot wait to get in the pool tomorrow to do them all again. Not sure if Jim realises just how much this is going to change my life and I cannot thank him, Adam and Gemma enough for all their reassurance and kindness.

I’m going to be that pain in the backside that just keeps going back for more. I am so excited for my next session and cannot wait to be in the Lake later on this year swimming effortlessly!

Thank you guys so much xx