As a keen open water swimmer I have several long distance challenge events lined up for later in the year but I have been plagued with an ongoing and recurring shoulder injury which was causing me concern. Added to that my stroke was neither efficient or effective and it was most certainly not aesthetically pleasing!

Quite by chance I happened across Adam’s story and the Ocean Walker Academy website. I was blown away by Adam’s mesmerising stroke and how easy he made it look.

I booked a full session at the Academy with Jim Read and I can honestly say that it was a game changer for me. I will never go back to my old stroke. Jim listened to my concerns and fully explained how the Ocean Walker technique would change everything for me.

The facilities and technology at the Academy are so awesome it blew my mind, and my 5 hour session absolutely flew by. We worked on each stage of the technique and gradually built up the stroke. Each stage was videoed so that you can fully understand what you are doing and what you need to work on.

By the end of the session, when I was doing the full stroke, I had taken 30 seconds off of my 100m time and had halved my stroke rate, with zero stress on my shoulders!!

You don’t undo 40 years of muscle memory in one session so I still have lots of work and practice to do to make it perfect but if I can make gains like that when I am still in the very early stages of my Ocean Walker journey, I am excited to find out where I can go from here.

The stroke is so effortless, efficient and effective it actually feels wrong that you can cover so much distance in such a short time with no effort.

I have already booked a follow-up session with Jim to help with the bits that I know I need to work on still and to make sure I haven’t crept back into bad habits.

Any swimmer reading this who has any kind of shoulder, neck or back injury please, please book yourself a session, it will quite literally change your life.