Yesterday, Tuesday 1st March 2022, I attended my (option 2) starter session in “Ocean Walker Technique” with the excellent coach, ambassador, for the technique and swimming in general, all round great guy, Jim Read.
Jim is a very knowledgeable, friendly, and patient guy, who fills you full of confidence, and puts you at ease from the off.
I was taken through every stage methodically, via verbal and physical, instruction and via video footage on the poolside tv screen, and also via the coaches handheld tablet, which has multiple viewpoints of the training pool, from above and below water so absolutely nothing is missed in the session at any stage.
Every stage is comprehensive and builds up the technique one part at a time, and moves onto the next stage when coach feels you have grasped each stage.
Jim also would when needed demonstrate the technique in the pool so I could could watch him on the monitor from all angles which is a huge bonus.
The facility is really top class as is the instruction is very professional. It was my first time in an endless training pool and I cannot think of a better way to learn the technique.
I have received great after support from Adam and Jim via video footage of all the training that were part of my session so I can refer to them whenever I need to before training in my local pool and not let my technique slip and so I can progress until my follow up session when I am ready to complete the training.

If you really want to learn to swim effortlessly and efficiently without injury this really is a no brainer. I have always found conventional front crawl technique very tiring and energy sapping but the Ocean Walker Technique is really a revelation, as it is so effective and efficient and I do not suffer no back and neck pain after swimming already even though I have not got a complete grasp of the technique I am feeling massive benefit from it already, and can swim for much longer periods.
I can’t wait to have the best swimming year ever.