Online Subscription Service – Terms and Conditions (VIMEO SUBSCRIPTION)

To use this service you will be re-directed to VIMEO ON DEMAND where you will require your own Vimeo account (you can create a free vimeo account).
You then have the option to SUBSCRIBE or RENT  a video.

Payments are automatically taken each month using the payment information provided upon subscribing.
By subscribing to this service, you have full control over your monthly payments and can cancel at any time from your Vimeo account.
You cannot access your Vimeo account from the Ocean Walker website.
Ocean Walker cannot cancel this subscription for you.
As this is a subscription service, refunds are not applicable. It is your responsibility to cancel your subscription when you feel you no longer want access to the program.

You have the option the rent a video for 24hrs.
It is your responsibility to view the video within this time.
No refunds are available for accidental or missed viewings.

The information below is for your own safety, so that you may enjoy your experience with our online training, whilst understanding the risks that may be encountered as part of swimming in pool or open water.

Understanding the Risks:
All swimmers agree to practice drills given and swim at entirely their own risk. As you have chosen an online program, our qualified Ocean Walker Technique coaches are not able to be by your side to ensure you are practicing drills correctly and safely as they would in a lesson or swim camp.
The online program is a great way to further your development in swimming, but we would always recommend that where possible you attend a lesson in person or join us on a swim camp so that our qualified coaches can ensure you are positioning yourself correctly in the water.
Some of our drills involve holding your breath underwater. Please make sure that if you are not using a public pool with access to a lifeguard, that you have someone overseeing your practice to ensure your safety.
In the unlikely event of injury, accident, loss or damaged suffered, however it may be caused, no responsibility whatsoever will be attached to Adam Walker or Ocean Walker Ltd.

Practicing Drills:

In the swimming pool:
A heated swimming pool is recommended to begin your practice.
Appropriate swimwear should be worn for your safety and protection based on where you choose to swim.
Due to the length of time you spend immersed in water, even using an indoor heated swimming pool, there are times when the temperature is ‘not as warm as we would like’. When using an outdoor swimming pool, you have the weather to take into consideration also. Whether you are inside or outdoors, we always recommend the use of a rash vest or swim top, to protect your skin from the sun, as well as providing a little extra warmth when needed. Whether you wear one or not is your choice.

In open water:
If you are a complete beginner then we do not advise you try open water until you have attended a course/camp/lesson in person/organised session for your first dip.
Early drills are best practiced in a swimming pool.
Ocean Walker accept no responsibility for decisions you make while swimming in open water when not under our supervision on a swim camp or 1-1 lesson in person.

Acknowledgment of Risk

  1. I acknowledge I have read and understand the risks involved with swimming.
  2. I completely understand and accept the risks involved in practicing drills provided by the online program without having a qualified coach overseeing my sessions.
  3. In the unlikely event of injury, accident, loss or damaged suffered, however it may be caused, no responsibility whatsoever will be attached to authors, or any persons involved in the organising of the online program by Ocean Walker Ltd.
  4. I hereby certify that I am physically fit and well to participate in such training and don’t know of any medical condition that would prevent me safely practicing swimming in the pool or open water.
  5. I undertake at all times to use my best endeavours to train in a safe manner and not to do anything that would expose myself or other swimmers to any unnecessary risk or injury.

You are purchasing access to content that is fully owned by Ocean Walker Ltd.
This video series is not available for download and can only be viewed via our subscription service.
Any content provided within this video series is copyright and therefor only Ocean Walker Qualified coaches are able to provide advice or coaching based on its content.
As someone who has participated in our online program, this does not qualify you to teach or coach the Ocean Walker Technique.

It is important that you are only coached this technique by a qualified Ocean Walker Technique coach, as anyone who is not trained may cause you injury or harm in their attempts, which goes against everything the creator Adam Walker has created this technique for.

You can check our list of qualified coaches here: Ocean Walker Team

We thank you for your co-operation.
Any questions, please email us directly before booking