Learn the Ocean Walker Technique Online!

Adam Walker has created an online coaching program that builds you from the foundation up to learning the Ocean Walker Technique.

Adam created the Ocean Walker Technique following injury through swimming. He was advised by his surgeon to give up the sport BUT in true Adam Walker form, he didn’t accept this until he had researched all of his options. In finding nothing out there that worked, he took it upon himself to mould a swim stroke technique around working with the body as well as the water. In doing so, Adam Walker continued to become the FIRST EVER BRIT to swim the toughest seven ocean swims on the planet and 5th in the World to do so breaking records along the way.

This unique swim stroke technique is powered by hip rotation, the core muscles. NOT the chest and shoulders which is the culprit of so many swimming related injuries through conventional swimming. What is even more spectacular is that with his full 180 degree rotation, the Ocean Walker Technique body position is more efficient in the water and so with little effort you can beat your personal bests and obtain energy which is perfect for events such as Triathlon, Ironman and channel swimming.
BEGINNER? This swim stroke technique is for everyone and Adams method of coaching is perfect for beginners to advanced swimmers.

Online Program
How to Swim Easy and Effortless Front Crawl – Learn the Ocean Walker Technique

The Worlds Most Efficient front crawl swim technique. An online coached series for all abilities with record breaking open water swimmer Adam Walker. Learn the unique Ocean Walker swim stroke technique, a revolutionary front crawl freestyle that is not only fast and efficient, it also works within the body’s natural range to help prevent injury. Suitable for pool and open water swimmers for short and long distance swimming.





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How it works

Online Program with Adam Walker [Vimeo]

You will need

  • Good internet access and set up your own vimeo account (if you don’t have one)
  • Somewhere to practice your newly found swim skills!

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