Online Coached Sessions (1-1) with Adam Walker

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The most comprehensive way to learn the Ocean Walker Technique online with Adam Walker coaching LIVE over Skype!
1-1 distance coaching with World Record Breaker Adam Walker!

You can book a 1 hour session by clicking the BOOK 1HR ONLINE SESSION button. Use this to book and schedule your 1 hour session whether you are booking 1 session at a time or using your package code from your 5 session package.

If you would like to purchase the 5 session package, buy this first, then you will receive a code. Use the code to book your individual 1 hour sessions by then clicking on the BOOK 1HR ONLINE SESSION button.

Learn the Ocean Walker Technique and improve your swim stroke over the internet with online coaching sessions from Adam Walker! All sessions are bespoke to each person’s needs and requirements.

This is a great way to learn the technique online with athletes from all over the globe achieving PB in their events following this program. Our live coached sessions over Skype with Adam Walker, will take you through the 5 stages that build up the stroke and teach you how to use your body efficiently in the water while working within the bodies natural range.

In each session you will be given a set of ‘stages’ to work through. These are the same stages that Adam uses in his lessons and swim camps. You receive access to his stage videos to help you in your training.

It is a really easy and effective way to learn the technique.

  • Good internet access and your own Skype account
  • A water proof video camera (or waterproof case for your phone/camera)
  • Someone to film you swimming (above and underwater)
  • Access to a pool (or very clear and calm open water)

BOOKING YOUR DATE & TIME: All bookings are via the 1 hour booking button above. If you have purchased a 5 session package, use your code to schedule your session with Adam.


  • Critique current stroke (using video footage provided)
  • Compare against the Ocean Walker demo videos
  • Introduce stages 1 & 2


  • Critique your video footage of stages 1 & 2
  • Compare against the Ocean Walker demo videos
  • Advise on any corrections required
  • Introduce stages 3 & 4


  • Critique your video footage of stages 3 & 4
  • Compare against the Ocean Walker demo videos
  • Introduce stage 5


  • Critique your video footage of stage 5
  • Compare against the Ocean Walker demo videos
  • In-depth analysis of all stages and stroke
  • Advise on further corrections where required
  • Continue practicing all stages


  • Critique your video footage of stages 1-5
  • Review progress over the 5 sessions and compare video footage
  • ​Look into further training specific to your requirements / progress

*Please note: you will be required to record and upload your own video footage of your swim stroke, which will be shown from the first session. These online sessions rely on you providing the videos before the session takes place so that we can play them back during your session with Adam (this avoids wasting your lesson time waiting for an upload). More information on how best to do this is supplied to you upon booking.

Ocean Walker online sessions with Adam Walker will be taken over Skype, so you will be required to be connected to the internet, have a Skype account up and running, webcam set-up and ofcourse have tested that it all works before your session starts. You will only require the free Skype account and you can download it here.

Online Coached Sessions – Important Information

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  1. Chris W.

    I have never met Adam in person, and have been working with him online, via Skype for the past 5 months. Adam is one of the best coaches (in any sport) that I have worked with. He is very encouraging as he guides you through his process. Simply following the steps that Adam lays out in front of you and you will see quick improvement. I’m training for IMAZ in November and have always been terrified of the swim portion of the IM, but now I feel very confident in completing the swim in comfort. Thanks Adam!!

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