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Swimming open water and pool, Ocean Walker specialise in teaching the unique injury prevention front crawl swim stroke, the Ocean Walker Stroke Technique. We run swim camps, one to one lessons and even online sessions! An efficient and effortless stroke technique created by record breaking swimmer Adam Walker the first British person to swim the toughest 7 ocean swims in the world.
Find out more about the Ocean Walker Technique here.

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Shoulder Injuries? Back Problems?

What if there was a solution to back and shoulder pains caused by poor swimming technique, that would enable you to swim with more speed, less effort and help to prevent injury? This is exactly what Adam walker wanted the answer to and he adapted his stroke to answer his question.
Adams approach to coaching is second to none, he is the real deal, no text books here! Adam is in the water with you and looks closely at your current technique to give the best possible guidance, improving your stroke based on his own experiences of swimming. Find out about lessons and available courses here (for all abilities)

Pool & Open Water
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The Ocean Walker Technique Reviews
A swimmers perspective...

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A medical perspective...
Ocean Walker Expert Review NAME: David Pickering
OCCUPATION: Registered Osteopath and Medical Accupuncturist at Hull Osteopaths
BORN: 1978
HEIGHT: 185cm
SWIMMING ABILITY: Novice (open water)

The Ocean Walker Technique is nothing less than a revolution in swimming stroke technique. Devised by Adam Walker out of necessity after he suffered a serious, career threatening shoulder injury. It completely changes the biomechanics of freestyle swimming. Instead of power being led and generated by the chest and shoulders, it is instead generated by the muscles of the "core" in a rotational movement of the legs, hips and lower torso. It takes inspiration from other sports such as golf and tennis, which use the same "core muscles" to generate power and timing. The shoulders assist forward propulsion from a biomechanically much safer position, operating below 90 degrees of movement from the side of the body, thus reducing compaction of the shoulder structures...



Who Is Adam Walker?
Find out more about the man behind Ocean Walker:
Adam Walker

Swimming the hardest 7 channel swims in the world the OCEANS 7

Ambassador for RLSS

Ambassador for Zoggs

Councillor for the One Young World Summit

Fundraising for the WDC

Motivational Speaker

Author Man Vs Ocean

Good to Know: click here to visit Adams official website>>
Adam qualified as an ASA Level 2 swimming coach in 1996 and has taught all abilities and all ages.
What makes Adam different is that after his first channel swim he quickly realised that his body wouldnt cope with the stress it was under. His surgeon warned him against doing any more swimming and (being determined) this made Adam look at the way he swam and how he could change his stroke to enable him to carry on.
Adam used to swim full throttle, flat and using the chest. Over the years he adapted his stroke to reduce further injury to his shoulders. The technique that evolved got him through several channel swims and events. Adam is now teaching others his unique stroke, hoping to either completely prevent similar injuries in others or to ensure you dont aggrevate an injury further, and are able to continue swimming to your hearts content.
Find out more about the Ocean Walker Stroke Technique here>>


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Ocean Walker was founded by Adam Walker, the first British person to swim toughest 7 ocean swims in the world.
The motivation behind the name came from Adam’s experience taking on the world’s toughest swims and wanting to share his knowledge and experience in order to help others achieve their swimming goals in the pool and open water. He does this through 1-1s, groups and pool/open water swim camps.
Adam "Ocean" Walker Gemma Clarke

Adam Walker

Gemma Clarke

Founder and Director of Ocean Walker Ltd
Record breaking endurance swimmer, head swimming coach,
motivator and RLSS open water safety ambassador.

Co-Founder and Director of Ocean Walker Ltd
Assistant coach, design and marketing,
events planner and organiser.

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