Learn the Ocean Walker Technique


Learn the Ocean Walker Technique


Learn the Ocean Walker Technique


From swimwear to swimming lessons we have some great gift ideas right here.


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Welcome to Ocean Walker

Swimming open water and pool, Ocean Walker specialise in teaching the unique injury prevention front crawl swim stroke, the Ocean Walker Stroke Technique. We run swim camps worldwide, one to one lessons and even online training courses! An efficient and effortless front crawl stroke technique created by record breaking swimmer Adam Walker the first British person to swim the toughest 7 ocean swims in the world. 


If you have been injured, are in rehabilitation for an injury or have a condition that can make swimming or being active difficult for you, then please do get in touch with us. It is not too late, the Ocean Walker Technique has helped so many people to enjoy the freedom and joy of swimming in the pool or open water. Created by Adam Walker following injury, and now helping so many to prevent it. Stay active and keep your mind healthy with swimming.

Ocean Walker Swim Camps & Lessons

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Our swimming lessons and training camps include in-depth video analysis with courses available for all abilities. We have a selection of swim camps ranging from a 1 day masterclass in the pool, to 5 days that include pool and open water swimming. Whether you are a learner swimmer in the pool, want to try open water for the first time or are training for your next big event, our Ocean Walker swim camps offer an opportunity for anyone to learn our unique technique that is injury preventative and efficient.


BOOK – Man Vs Ocean by Adam Walker

Fantastic book, truly inspirational and motivational…..a really great read and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending it to anyone, whether or not you’re a swimmer. Awesome achievements Adam, thanks for sharing with us all.

Sarah Liles

(15 customer reviews)

TURKEY 5 Day Technical Open Water Swim Camp

I started doing triathlon in 2013 with the ultimate goal to qualify for the Ironman 140.6 in Hawaï.
Although I knew I had potential, I also knew I had one extremely weak point which was the swimming part.
The first years I had some private lessons and became member of a swimming club but although I made some little progress I always hated the swim training sessions and felt tired after every swim.
In 2018 I saw movies of Adam ‘Ocean’ Walker. I knew immediately I was going to do this as a last aid. If this was not going to work, I knew that the dream would end here.
So in May 2019 I went on a five-day camp in Turkey with Adam & Steve and 13 other swimmers.
Maybe the most important for me was that I found the pleasure of swimming, something which I had never experienced in my whole life.
As a result I gained 2 minutes after only 2 months of practicing.
I will never forget what Adam (+ Steve) taught me.

Gunther Desmedt

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TOWEL – Quick Dry and Lightweight by Ocean Walker

I am just about to buy a third towel!! I have one for myself, one for my son and now one for my nephew. 2 best things about them (apart from the design) is the size – so many of this sort of towel are ridiculously small – this is big enough for you to wrap round you and cover all necessary areas!!! The absorbency is really, really good and surprisingly quick. Oh and a couple more comments!! – its big enough to use on the beach and yet small enough to easily pack into really small holdall/swim kit bag and washes really well – colours have stayed really vibrant

Fiona Scarlett

(7 customer reviews)

Ocean Walker Technique

A fast, efficient, effortless, groundbreaking front crawl technique that can change people’s lives!

 One swim stroke that suits all! From beginners to elite swimmers, in both the swimming pool and open water. Swim within your body’s natural range of movement, prevent stress on the shoulders and back with a front crawl technique that is about working with the water, not against it! Want to learn to swim like this? With a simple 5 stage process, our qualified Ocean Walker coaches can teach you how to position your body in the most efficient way, to maximise the power you generate into propelling you through the water and to reduce the risk of injury. The Ocean Walker Technique is a revolution to swimmers in rehabilitation, injury and disability as well as able bodied swimmers. FIND OUT HOW THE OCEAN WALKER TECHNIQUE WORKS >>

Injury Prevention

Shoulder Injuries? Back Problems?

What if there was a solution to back and shoulder pains caused by poor swimming technique, that would enable you to swim with more speed, less effort and help to prevent injury? This is exactly what Adam walker wanted the answer to and he adapted his stroke to answer his question.
Adams approach to coaching is second to none, he is the real deal, no text books here! Adam is in the water with you and looks closely at your current technique to give the best possible guidance, improving your stroke based on his own experiences of swimming.


The Ocean Walker Academy

Purpose built facility in Lincolnshire opened 2021.

Adam Walker and partner Gemma Clarke welcome you to their specialist swimming academy in the heart of the Lincolnshire countryside. The access for all facility boasts a stunning 7 acre open water swimming lake, with beginners shallow area designed specifically for swimming and wellbeing. The old farm buildings have been lovingly restored to offer conferencing, swim analysis pool for 1-1 lessons, wellbeing and fitness workshops and classes.

Swimming, water sports, fitness and wellbeing.

You can find out more about our venue and all the exciting activities and events we will be offering at the link below