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  Ocean Walker
The Ocean Walker Stroke Technique

The Ocean Walker swimming stroke technique was created when record breaking swimmer Adam Walker ruptured his bicep tendon after swimming the English Channel and was told never to swim again by specialists. It took two operations and was only partially successful leaving 2 tendons stuck together and only 70% fit. Adam was forced to create a way of swimming in order to prolong his swimming career.

The Ocean Walker Stroke
Adam Walker Adam says...
"I was given no choice, my old stroke was causing tears and irritating my shoulder. I didn’t want to give up on the sport I loved so much, I had to find a way to carry on. I’m so happy with the results and although I can’t sleep on my left side, I can swim 17 hours and have broken swimming records. I have so much passion for this stroke it changed my life I would have never completed the Oceans7 without it!!"
Swimming uses the core like in golf

The Ocean Walker stroke incorporates 5 stages using the correct muscles as you would in every sport.

Power comes from the core in many sports including Tennis, Golf, Kayaking, SUP, Boxing and Cross Country Skiing. So there is no surprise that the core should play a fundamental role in swimming!

When you learn how to use the core to power you forward you will realise how much easier swimming becomes. No more winding your arms causing pressure and pinching in the shoulder joint. It also reduces strain on the elbows, wrists and neck. We are just swimming in the way that nature intended.

The Benefits of the Ocean Walker Stroke technique:

  • Using correct muscles
  • Maximise speed and efficiency
  • Save energy
  • Prevent injuries
  • Relaxed body so relaxed mind
  • Improved stability (in rough water and from competitor knocks in a race)
  • Keep form in the stroke when you’re tired
  • Graceful and attractive looking stroke
Who is it for?

That’s the beauty there are no restrictions to the Ocean Walker Technique.
Simple swimming that is effective for all!

  • Children and adults looking to improve your stroke in the pool or open water.
  • Triathletes and Iron man
  • Open water swimmers and channel swimmers
  • Basically this swimming style suits everyone with all levels of ability!


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