Swim open water in different countries

Find stunning safe swim spots around the world

Give yourself a boost

Open water swimming scientifically proven to boost the immune system

Test yourself physically and mentally

Open water swimming in water not as warm as we would like!

Open water swimming groups

A great way to meet others who enjoy swimming, and make friends

The Benefits of Open Water Swimming

Open water swimming has quickly grown in popularity as more people come to realise the long list of benefits.
Unlike some sports, there are many different levels of open water swimming. Starting from a leisurely activity with friends (dont worry, you will soon find friends in this sport!), to swimming the English Channel. You get to swim as nature intended in lakes, rivers and the sea! Each swim is different depending on the season and the weather. A great form of exersise in the fresh air, low impact on the joints and incredibly beneficial to your overall wellbeing.

Open water swimming is so versatile. You can swim with or without (skins) a wetsuit. Swim an ice mile or swim abroad in the warm turquoise seas. You can swim the channel solo or join a team and do a relay. Compete in a Triathlon or Ironman, and set your own personal challenge or break a record!

Adam Walkers


1. No pool walls, swim in beautiful surroundings and discover places you never knew existed – what a great way to exercise!

2. Swim in your own space, at your own pace, without the concern of anyone tapping at your heels.

3. There are many groups of open water swimmers throughout the UK who get together and enjoy a nice dip as a social event.

4. The sense of achievement as the water is colder than a pool and you cant see the bottom! Test yourselve physically and mentally.

5. Open water swimming boosts energy levels. Nerve endings stand up, heart starts racing and gives your body a great natural high.

6. Burn the fat! When you expose your body to cooler temperatures it processes more energy to produce heat, burning fat more efficiently!

7. Get back in touch with nature and breathe in that fresh air (instead of that chlorine mist!)

8. Minimise pain if you have an injury, the cool temperatures of open water reduces inflammation, eases chronic pains and body aches.

9. Scientifically proven to boost your immune system! Increase your white blood cell count by going open water swimming at least 3 times a week!

10. Most importantly open water swimming is
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Where can I swim?

There are many groups, clubs and venues globally that revolve around open water swimming, including our very own Ocean Walker Swim Academy and Wellness Centre in Lincolnshire UK!

If you are completely new to open water swimming we highly recommend you come and see us at our Academy or book one of our Ocean Walker swim camps. You can also find a local swim group (check out outdoor swimmer on facebook) and begin in the safest way possible.

We run swimming camps Worldwide for all abilities which focus on learning the Ocean Walker Technique. We will also be running courses at our Lincolnshire venue for those of you who just want to get in the water have a little splash and build up your confidence level first.

Once you are confident in open water, there are many incredible locations to visit and we advise you should always try to swim with at least one other person with the correct equipment and to consider all the varying conditions that you may encounter before, during and after your swim.
Please see the RLSS video below with top tips for open water swimming with Adam Walker.