Ocean Walker Goggle Zoggs Predator Flex Polarized Ultra (with glow)

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The NEW Ocean Walker, Zoggs Predator Flex Limited Edition Goggle is here!!
Designed by record breaking swimmer Adam 'Ocean' Walker, the first British person to swim the toughest seven ocean swims in the world.
The Ocean Walker Predator Flex Polarized Ultra swimming goggle by Zoggs® with added glow feature is durable and versatile, for pool and open water conditions. Ergonomically designed for superior comfort on long distance or shorter swims, the new Ocean Walker goggle is available in two different sizes so you can find your perfect fit!
The unique colours suited for both male and female swimmers with added glow feature makes you stand out in the crowd.
On the back strap of the goggle our NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS message for that added source of inspiration.
As an added benefit, this design matches our very popular and exclusive ‘Save the Whales’ collection in matching funky colours, this is the ultimate comfort goggle for swim training in the pool or open water swimming.

Zoggs Goggles Ocean Walker Limited Edition

Regular (gasket sits around outside of eye socket)
Small (gasket sits within the eye socket)
or go to the Zoggs website

The super soft Predator Flex gasket is Zoggs most comfortable yet, sealing your eyes from the water, without cutting into your face or sucking your eyes out of their sockets! That’s right, you might almost forget you are wearing your goggles!
The Polarized Ultra lens is at the forefront of technology, as they reflect the harmful glare of light away from your eyes, also protecting you from blue light rays (which can cause fatigue), so you can stay focused on your swim. The largest source of blue light is from the sun, but in swimming, other sources include Fluorescent and LED lighting.
As well as many other incredible features (as listed below), we have added a little glow to our goggles, for those of you taking part in night swim events – this is an added fun feature for us grown ups who like to stand out!


Available in two sizes: Regular Profile Fit, and Smaller Profile Fit
Exclusive Advanced Ultra-Fit™ gasket, to reduce pressure around the eyes
3D Flexpoint Technology™ for enhancing the frames flexibility
Polarized Ultra lens to reduce glare and the reflection of the sun, even in high level of light
Curved Lens Technology (CLT™) offering 180 degree peripheral vision
Anti-fog fog buster for extra moisture control
Maximum UV Protection protecting from high levels of light and harmful UV rays
Split strap for added security and less pressure
Quick adjustment system, for a fast and secure fit
Fina approved
‘Never Give Up On Your Dreams’ across the back strap

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Additional information

Weight 125 g

Small Fit, Regular Fit


Rinse in clear cold water after use and gently shake off excess water.
Store in the provided goggle case.
Be careful not to rub the lenses prior to rinsing free of debris.
Natural substances such as sand, salt or dust can damage your goggle lenses.

FAQ Glow

Q: How do I charge my goggle for the glow feature to work?
A: In good light conditions – natural light, fluorescent light, UV flashlights/torch. If the goggles are placed in deep shadow or charged with a weak artificial light source it will in fact never fully charge.

Q: How long does it take to fully charge glow in the dark goggles?
A: Goggle needs 10-15 minutes to fully charge. Otherwise, UV flashlights can charge quicker and brighter than fluorescent light by the energy level.

Q: How long does the goggle glow?
A: A fully charged goggle will glow for up to an hour. Glow in the dark luminance fades after time. Typically, the light released will be brighter immediately after charge and weaken after 20 minutes, beginning to fade gently.

Q: Will light interfere with how bright the object glows?
A: The darker the area, the better the effect of glow. If there is any light present, it will affect the visibility of the glow effect.

Q: How do I store my goggles when not in use?
A: We highly recommended to store the goggle in the goggles case. Leaving the goggle in the light when not in use, will not prolong the glow.
Once the goggle is charged, even when exposed to light the goggle is glowing all the time. It does not store glow. For this reason we do not recommend to leave the goggle in the light, and for the goggles to be charged in as close proximity to use as possible for longer lasting glow during wear.

9 reviews for Ocean Walker Goggle Zoggs Predator Flex Polarized Ultra (with glow)

  1. Carol Lord

    Flippin the best ever. I’ve used Zoggs goggles for my swims before.. For night or day swimming they really are the best. No leaks, mist or fog and because they’re polorised no sun squinting when you are swimming. Can’t wait to use them at night when they glow 👍🏊‍♂️❤️

  2. Tim Bird

    Best goggles I’ve ever bought – and I have a goggle fetish! Always like the zoggs predator range but the combination of polarised lenses, glow in the dark band and anti fog / anti leak which actually works make these the best yet for open water or the pool.

  3. Sarah Porter

    Love these goggles ..no leaking even in big seas! I can also see where I’m going in the sunlight.

  4. Helen Bull

    All I can say is WOW! These goggles are game changing… I am very fussy about goggles but these are everything I want and need in a pair of goggles. They are so comfy.. no anti-fog spray needed an the tint as I look over the sea is incredible…

  5. Jo Pullman

    Love these goggles. Fit really well. No leaking or fogging. Used for a 6 hour sea swim and felt so comfortable. Particularly loved the clarity when the sun shone. Really clear without glare. Highly recommend!

  6. Claire Robertson

    Just perfect! Everything I’ve been looking for in goggles and I’ve tried a few!! Great fit, no fogging and so clear even when the sun is bright. Look forward to trying the glow in the dark in the evening. Definitely would recommend

  7. Andrea Stark

    Wow! They are like putting on a pair of glasses when you didn’t think you needed them. I can see everything. Wore them on a 3 mile lake training swim, no leaks, no red rings around my eyes. Superb quality and comfort. I’ll certainly be wearing these for my Channel Relay.

  8. Jodie McClellan

    Best goggles around

  9. Darren Monaghan

    Been really impressed with these googles
    Perfect for open water ( regular swims in the Irish Seas )and pool – no leaks – great clarity – Would defiantly recommend these – Have bought a second pair just to have for spare

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