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Man Vs Ocean by Adam Walker


Adam Walker is not your everyday record-breaking sportsman. He took on arguably the toughest extreme sport on the planet - to swim non-stop across seven of the world's deadliest oceans wearing only swim trunks, cap and goggles. It is not a test for the faint-hearted: swimmers face freezing temperatures, huge swells and treacherous currents, potentially deadly marine life (from sharks to Portuguese men o' war), vomiting and burning off a week's calories in a single swim. In 2007, Adam, then a toaster salesman, saw a film about a man attempting to swim the English Channel and change his life in doing so. Inspired by this, he decided to try to emulate the feat. After a year of rigorous training without a coach - his first open-water swim was in 9 degrees and he nearly died from hypothermia - Adam achieved his goal in 11 hours 35 minutes, despite a ruptured bicep tendon leading to medical advice to give up long-distance swimming.

In 2011, after two operations and a change to his swimming style to take pressure off his injured shoulder, he became the first Briton to achieve a two-way crossing from Spain to Morocco and back. In the process, he broke the British record one way.Shortly afterwards, the Ocean's Seven challenge was born, a gruelling equivalent to the Seven Summits mountaineering challenge. At first it seemed that injury would prevent Adam from participating but, ignoring medical advice, he developed an innovative technique - the Ocean Walker stroke - that would enable him to continue with the ultimate aim of completing this seemingly impossible feat. Whether man would triumph over ocean, or fail in the attempt, forms the core of this extraordinary autobiography. Always intriguing, sometimes terrifying, and occasionally very funny, Adam's story is about sport in its truest form: rather than competitions between teams and individuals, it is about man against nature - and against his own failings and demons. In that, it is truly inspirational.

Adam Walker - Author, Man Vs Ocean

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15 reviews for BOOK – Man Vs Ocean by Adam Walker

  1. Julie Lloyd

    I really enjoyed reading this book. I’ve found it hard of late to read anything, but this book changed all that. I found it hard to put down and often felt drained as if I’d swum alongside Adam. Not only is his story inspirational but his writing has you jumping in with him. As he says live your dream and I look forward to the next installment. Anyone looking for inspiration should read this even if they aren’t a swimmer, his determination and single mindedness can be translated for anything in your life. Keep on swimming, inspiring and living your dream Adam.

  2. Steve Knowles

    Anybody with ambitions in life has got to read this book, it tells the story of a man who got off his backside and achieved something major, not only that, he explained in great detail how he went about it. In short, in a room full of men Adam Walker would be the last one standing. Another thing about it is that he tells the truth, for example he gives tips on how to deal with obstacles like cold water, you try it out and hey presto….it works.
    I would recommend this book to everybody and further more I would recommend his swimming camps because unlike other instructors this technique is HIS BABY, he invented it and developed it and he wants YOU to succeed.
    Don’t just take my word for it, do yourself a favour, buy the book, do the swim camp and turn your life around

  3. Haydn Welch

    Adam’s book makes you share the burn from his saltwater sores and taste every mouthful of salt. He tells you how it is. Suitably inspired I put the book down and immediately actioned a few plans for a swim I should have done 25 years ago. As for the sharks……..well Adam, you’ve eaten enough fish in your life so you can’t complain when one wants a piece of you. Now, pick the tentacles out of our teeth, get your Speedos on and stay wet.

  4. Sarah Liles

    Fantastic book, truly inspirational and motivational…..a really great read and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending it to anyone, whether or not you’re a swimmer. Awesome achievements Adam, thanks for sharing with us all…..

  5. Tigger Adcock

    OMG What a top read!! From cover to cover this was absolutely brilliant captivating inspiring read! A must for everyone! A book about challenges, determination and dedication. Well written, well described, well done Adam!!

  6. Kate Madigan

    Adam’s account of how he developed the mental strength to transform his life is also a fantastic guide and example to all those who have lost their way, who doubt their own abilities, or feel their life’s goals are unattainable. It’s a pacy, lively read, laced with humour (is it wrong that I still chortle over the part where he electrocutes himself with his shark tag in the middle of the Pacific Ocean?) and spanning not only the highs but also the lows of his seven-year journey. A hugely useful and interesting book, I would recommend ‘Man vs Ocean’ to anyone trying to summon up the courage to chase their dreams.

  7. Sue Murray

    Although I had 101 other things to do it took me just two days to read this book; I was addicted from the start. The book will, of course be a great read for anyone who loves swimming but actually it’s not really about swimming. It’s written to remind people that anything in life is achievable and it is only you who is stopping yourself from achieving your dream. I can’t recommend this book highly enough to anyone and everyone!

  8. Sarah Jane McDonnell

    I devoured this book! I couldn’t put it down and now feel even more motivated for my Channel Relay in September. It was such an enjoyable read that I’m going to recommend it wholeheartedly to the team and would recommend it to anyone else too!

  9. Julie Watson

    Excellent. Highly recommend if you need inspiration to get out there and enjoy open water swimming (my thinking though is start small!!) Thanks to Adam, having read this and signed up to his malta swim camp – this book is awe inspiring, moving at times and impressive to say the least on such accomplishments -sheer will power and drive to achieve and never stop believing!! My target ‘Escape from Alcatraz 🙂 !!!

  10. Simon Jordan

    Brilliant read from start to finish. I couldn’t put it down, that glue he puts on the cover is darn sticky haha.
    Seriously though, it’s a truly inspirational story of one man’s vision and courage to live his dream and you come away knowing that determination and a positive mindset can get you anywhere. Highly recommended.

  11. Danny Hirst

    I’m just reading this for the 2nd time – inspirational!! What a set of challenges, and his humility makes it sound achievable to any of us with determination. If only!

  12. Tracy

    Wow, what a book! I’ve now read this twice, I’ve never been so addicted to a book. You give the reader the belief that no matter how many doubts there are, if you believe, you can achieve anything. You’re amazing Adam, a true inspiration to anyone, not just swimmers, to follow their dreams. You turned my thinking around on my swims after reading this, I can’t thank you enough.

  13. Maddison

    Incredible storey and incredible man! My dad and I just finished the book and can’t stop talking about it! Highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone! As it is a geat motivational book that as an ocean swimmer I loved but even holds great advice you can apply to everyday life, even if you don’t swim! Thank you so much Adam for inspiring me to dream big and to go out and never give up on my dreams!

  14. Donna Nelson

    Man vs Ocean:
    Most inspirational book I have ever read!

    I couldn’t recommend ‘Man Vs Ocean’, Adam Walker’s book highly enough! It was the most inspirational book I have ever read. Adam has been so supportive also as I am doing an open water charity swim in memory of my son and have many fears of the water. Adam’s book doesn’t only talk about the seven oceans and the extreme challenges he went through to complete them, but how you can overcome fears and anxieties too by having a strong, positive mindset, to help you follow your dreams and achieve your goals not only in the water but in all areas of your life too! It helped me believe I’ll be able to complete and finish my open water swim with confidence that I never had before I read Adam’s book! I thought his tributes at the end to his girlfriend, friends and family were so heartfelt, it really showed how much Adam appreciated and respected them for all their help which was a touching end to finishing the book! To be honest I hope he writes others as I’ll be the first to buy them!

  15. Errol

    I read this book on a recent holiday & loved it . It is not just a powerful story of Adam’s incredible achievements in the ocean, but I also found it highly motivating to live life to the fullest whatever your dream.

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