Ocean Walker Technique 3 Day Intensive Masterclass [TENERIFE]

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3 DAY INTENSIVE MASTERCLASS in the pool with Adam Walker learning the Ocean Walker Technique, the worlds most efficient front crawl swim technique.
Suitable for all abilities
(Course will be in English language).
ABILITY LEVEL: Suitable for complete beginners to advanced!

Please advise us of any medical conditions or injuries past or present. If not applicable, please write n/a in the required field.

Please provide an emergency contact person for the day of the course. Name, telephone number and their relationship to you.

Adam Walker is coming to Tenerife Top Training with a SPECIAL 3 Day Masterclass to learn the Ocean Walker Technique and also to progress your swimming further if you have seen us before!


3 Day Masterclass DAY 1
In a small group this course will take you through the 5 stages that build up to the Ocean Walker Technique. These stages (or drills) will show you how to position your body to be efficient in the water, help prevent injury and to swim faster for longer.
Adam will give live demos of his stroke and explain the benefits of his swimming style, guiding you individually and in turn, which is filmed for video analysis.

3 Day Masterclass DAY 2
You are straight back into the pool today to re-cap and put into practice what you learned on day one. Followed by a review in the classroom of your progress so far then after lunch Adam will take you through what you need to work on to get your position and timing right.

3 Day Masterclass DAY 2
Starting with a final swim session, Adam will work with you on areas that need attention, then filming your progress ready for the final video review and close.

This is a group session, but we understand that not everyone learns at the same pace. If you need extra time spent in one area we will spend that time with you. If you have mastered a stage quickly we will move you on faster. This is why the masterclasses are suitable for any level or ability of swimmer.

DAY 1:
12:30-14:45 LUNCH BREAK (lunch/refreshments not included)
15:00-17:30 SWIM SESSION 2

DAY 2:
11:45-13:15 VIDEO REVIEW (Classroom)
13:15-14:45 LUNCH BREAK (lunch/refreshments not included)
15:30-17:30SWIM SESSION 4

DAY 3:
10:30-11:30 VIDEO REVIEW (Classroom) and close

Once booked, you will receive a confirmation email with the agenda plus useful information.
*Please note: This is for the swim course only, Ocean Walker are not providing any travel assitance, accommodation or refreshments.

Swim suit / trunks
Swim cap (FREE OW CAP provided on the day)

LOCATION: Tenerife Top Training, Avenida de los Acantilados, s/n 38679 La Caleta de Adeje, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain   
25m outdoor heated chlorinated swimming pool.

We are always very happy to see you again on our courses, taking your progress to date and moving you onto your next level of training. Doing another masterclass is a great way to check you are doing things correctly, especially if you have not practiced for a while.

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6 reviews for Ocean Walker Technique 3 Day Intensive Masterclass [TENERIFE]

  1. Lorenzo Pagliaro

    One of the most beautiful experience of my life .
    Had the great honor to be trained face to face with Adam and Jim gave me the luck to be part of their family .
    Technique , theory and lots of practicing has been done over two days .
    can’t wait to make it again and will never go back on my conventional swim strokes .
    Adam ocean walker technique has been a game changer for my life.

    Love you guys .


  2. Christine Seabrook

    Hi Jim and Adam thanks for great camp. Felt really positive after day 2. The headphones really helped me 100percent. Looking forward to open water swimming class in august.

  3. Nicolas Robert

    I just attended the 2022 Tenerife Swim Camp. It was also for me one of the super experience of my life !
    Thanks Adam and Jim, I have learnt so many good things ! It was a great moment within a very nice group of swimmers. Loved it.
    I recommend such a camp to any swimmer, experienced or not, who wants to improve or swim a different way.
    I just experienced it in the Leman lake yesterday: exceeded all my expectations as I felt very comfortable swimming (and I can still improve !), less exhausted and experienced far more fun (no exhaustion).
    Looking forward to an open water camp !

  4. Daniel Lindberg

    Two days packed with knowledge, enthusiasm and joy! Adam and Jim is very attentive and pedagogical and adjusting the teaching to each individual. I felt 100% safe in the water all the time. Now I have a lot of new things to practise. And it will be so much more fun when I know why I do them and what a big difference small angles and adjustments here and there can make to open a new world of swimming. I will book a follow-up swim when I feel ready. Would love to come down to Lincolnshire for a swim in the lake some day!

  5. John ,Ireland

    Tenerife Three Day Camp Dec 2023 ,brilliant experience with Adam ,Zoe and Ian ,full on,great analysis, lots to practice, overall super weekend of Swimming, Sunshine and plenty laughs along the way

  6. Richard van de Lagemaat

    The Tenerife swim camp was incredibly useful. I am in awe of Adam’s expertise, energy, and enthusiasm. He took us through a series of really helpful drills, showed incredible patience, and tailored his advice to our specific needs. Thanks, too, to Zoe and Ian for their many helpful tips. This is the start of a journey, but I can already see a dramatic improvement in my technique. Now, it’s up to me!

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