Ocean Walker Technique Swim Stroke Masterclass [DEVON]

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Spend a day in the pool with Adam Walker learning the Ocean Walker Technique, the worlds most efficient front crawl swim technique.
ABILITY LEVEL: Suitable for complete beginners to advanced!

Please advise us of any medical conditions or injuries past or present. If neither apply, please write n/a in the required field.

Please provide an emergency contact person for the day of the course. Name, telephone number and their relationship to you.

A great way to learn the Ocean Walker Technique and also to progress your swimming further if you have seen us before!

Masterclass (4hr session)
In a small group this course will take you through the 5 stages that build up to the Ocean Walker Technique. These stages (or drills) will show you how to position your body to be efficient in the water, help prevent injury and to swim faster for longer.
Adam will give live demos of his stroke and explain the benefits of his swimming style, guiding you individually and in turn, which is filmed for video analysis.

You will receive SPLIT SCREEN and COMPARISON VIDEO ANALYSIS of your time with us!!
This is done following the camp, and sent by email, which will be a great training aid for you to continue and progress with the Ocean Walker Technique.

This is a group session, but we understand that not everyone learns at the same pace. If you need extra time spent in one area we will spend that time with you. If you have mastered a stage quickly we will move you on faster. This is why the masterclasses are suitable for any level or ability of swimmer.


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Swim suit / trunks
Swim cap (FREE OW CAP provided on the day)

LOCATION: Mount Kelly Swim Centre, Parkwood Road, Tavistock, Devon, PL19 0HZ
This venue has changing cubicles and toilets available on the session.
This venue has a hot drinks vending machine only. Please bring your own food and refreshments if you require any.
Free parking at the venue - please park in the overflow car park across the road from the pool.

We are always very happy to see you again on our courses, taking your progress to date and moving you onto your next level of training. Doing another 1 or 2 day masterclass is a great way to check you are doing things correctly, especially if you have not practiced for a while.
For those who have been very good and kept up with working on their stages (very important), then why not consider one of the following courses to continue your progress?
5 DAY ULTIMATE SWIM CAMP (take it to open water!)
or see Adam Walker on a 1-1 LESSON

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5 reviews for Ocean Walker Technique Swim Stroke Masterclass [DEVON]

  1. Ziggy

    I attended the one day workshop in Tavistock, Devon, 21st Jan (my actual birthday!)
    What a wonderful day. I am so glad that I did the one day workshop rather than the 3 hour taster session, as I was able to learn the complete stroke.
    It was well planned, brilliantly presented & easy to follow. There was no strange terminology.
    The pool sessions were great, plenty of one 2 one coaching as well as being able to have time to master the stroke & learn the muscle memory.
    Adam & Gemma make a great team, consistent in their delivery & excellent advice as their attention to detail is awesome. Having the follow up videos are such a great learning tool too.
    I would recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to improve their stroke or are considering a distance swim.
    I’m swimming Lake Windermere in August, so hope that I’ve mastered the stroke as effortlessly as Adam demonstrates it 🙂
    Thank You Adam & Gemma,I’ll look forward to a follow-up session!

  2. Sarah

    I booked into Adam Walkers Tavistock Clinic the end of January as essentially a non-swimmer. The group worked perfectly beginner or advance. It was not about distance swimming, it was about learning a new technique, the stage break down, how and importantly why. Once you have mastered this stroke (and I am still practicing) you could swim all day, some miles easily, or for the Triathlon get out of the water not exhausted to start your cycle. The beauty of the stroke is it uses by far less energy and still achieves the speed. It’s perfect and designed to have minimum impact on shoulder, neck and back. As a learner swimmer to practice this stroke 4 / 5 times weekly is just pure pleasure and enjoyment with the added delight of progress, going from 25m leaving Adam’s clinic to 1.69 miles 2 weeks ago. I cannot recommend this stroke enough, whether you are a beginner or an advanced competitive swimmer, if you want to improve on your time and use less energy, it is this stroke!

  3. Mike Lyons

    I joined an equally ‘eager to learn’ bunch much the same as me. The rest of the day was nothing short of ‘enlightenment’ to say the least. To change from the old style of splash more for faster or splash less for slower was ‘my style’, a bit like a Mississippi Steam boat! To be shown how balance, streamlining and propulsion IS achieved has now brought a new dimension to work on until I too can swim like Adam, I wish! At 13 I started swimming seriously and achieved some success. At 63 I feel that it’s a whole new chapter and wish I’d known then, what I know now. I can’t wait to improve on the technique as I’ve already reduced my stroke rate from about 20 strokes per length down to 14 over 25 metres. I also find it easier and more relaxing to swim, albeit at the same speed or better and look forward to another masterclass. For anyone that’s contemplating ‘going on any course’ I’d say do it! You won’t be disappointed.

  4. Barry

    This was a great day learning about the Ocean Walker Technique. The very next day I ditched my old stroke and decided to make the OWT my only stroke from now on.
    Adam and Gemma managed the day really well, and we all had one to one time with Adam as well as the opportunity to learn from videos of our swimming compared to how Adam does it.
    Highly recommended!

  5. Alison Goldie

    I joined the 12/02/20 day class and was really impressed with the care and tuition we received. This stroke is clearly massively superior to what many of us have been taught or learned before. The information is intellectually comprehensible but the body and muscle memory part lags a way behind. Towards the end of the day I was finding it almost too much to learn and did not quite get the feel of the flick with your leg to rotate. Just as I would like to be practicing the technique ,lockdown has closed all the pools-so frustrating but I will return to this stroke nd persevere. Thank you. One point only– the water was too cold for me, even with a scratch vest on. This significantly interfered with my enjoyment and more importantly with my concentration.

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