Ocean Walker Technique Swim Stroke Masterclass [LONDON]

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Ocean Walker Technique Masterclass with Adam Walker, the worlds most efficient front crawl swim technique.
ABILITY LEVEL: Suitable for complete beginners to advanced.

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A great way to learn the Ocean Walker Technique and also to progress your swimming further if you have seen us before!

The Masterclass
This course will take you through the 5 stages that build up to the Ocean Walker Technique. These stages (or drills) will show you how to position your body to be efficient in the water, help prevent injury and to swim faster for longer.
Adam will give live demos of his stroke and explain the benefits of his swimming style, guiding you individually and in turn, which is filmed for your reference following the course. The videos are emailed onto you along with access to Adams stage videos that you will learn on the day to help you to continue to progress.

13:30 - 17:30

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Swim suit / trunks
Swim cap (FREE OW CAP provided on the day)

LOCATION: Downham Health & Leisure Centre, 7–9 Moorside Road, Downham BR1 5EP
This venue has indoor changing rooms, showers and toilets available for use.
Communal changing area with cubicles and lockers.
25m indoor heated chlorinated swimming pool.

We are always very happy to see you again on our courses, taking your progress to date and moving you onto your next level of training. Doing another 1 or 2 day masterclass is a great way to check you are doing things correctly, especially if you have not practiced for a while.
For those who have been very good and kept up with working on their stages (very important), then why not consider one of the following courses to continue your progress?

5 DAY ULTIMATE SWIM CAMP (take it to open water!)
or see Adam Walker on a 1-1 LESSON

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13 reviews for Ocean Walker Technique Swim Stroke Masterclass [LONDON]

  1. Ivan Schofield

    Brilliant day at Chelsea in March 2016. I came away with a new enthusiasm and passion for swimming having recently become frustrated with my lack of progress. Immediate results on the day reduced from 17/18 strokes per 25m to 15 … and then 14 during my first session after the camp! Still much work to do but the camp gave me a clear framework for self diagnosis of problems. Thanks Adam and Gemma for an inspiring day

  2. Justin B

    This course was a lot of fun and very instructive. It was well organised and intelligently constructed. I achieved my own goal of learning the Ocean Walker stroke which will become more fluent for me with practice. There’s ton’s of feedback in the pool and via video. Adam and Gemma have clearly put in a huge amount of work in making a gentle learning curve from the elements to the full Ocean Walker stroke. Thoroughly recommend to anyone who wants to swim more efficiently.

  3. Andrew T

    An excellent day in London, having tried various other swimming styles and coaches I was intrigued to see what the Ocean Walker technique was all about – I was not disappointed. It’s still very early days for me but if you’re serious about improving your swim efficiency and speed then I’d highly recommend this.
    The day itself was well structured and great fun with a good balance between practical pool time and theory.

  4. Barbara

    It was a brilliant day in London, thank you very much Adam and Gemma. Now it‘s hard work in training and doing the drills.

  5. Domenico D

    A truly special day at the Chelsea Center! Adam and the other instructors taught us this innovative technique with passion and professionalism. The results can be seen immediately in the style change of the swim!
    Thank you for your commitment and passion in organizing the Swim Camp!
    Everything was perfect and I enjoyed it a lot!

  6. Saskia Richards

    I have just finished a 1 day camp with Adam,Gemma and Ian. I went in with no idea what to expect,and fairly anxious. What a wonderful experience it was,with laughter from everyone,a mountain of information to process(still processing),and the foundation of a stroke,that will stand me in good stead for the rest of my life,if I practise and cement the foundation. AND it makes sense to my OCD brain!!.Thank you for a great day and the building blocks you gave me. I hope to get the chance to follow up with one of you when I can. Recommend to everyone out there.

  7. Tim Bird

    Great fully immersive day with Adam and Gemma. Their enthusiasm was infectious and seeing the technique in practice had us all converted instantly. I haven’t mastered the new stroke yet but after finishing a 14k swim yesterday with aching shoulders I am convinced this is the way to go. Just need to keep practicing and having the video links afterwards is very effective. I will be back next year.

  8. Roger T

    What a day, you guys put in so much hard work for everyone attending, no short cuts, loads of time spent on each of us,making sure I have everything i need to refine what I learned, i’m so excited to put everything i’ve learnt into practice. I hope to do a catch up in a few months.

  9. Zoe

    I attended the 1 day masterclass at Chelsea Health Club and Spa which was run by Adam, Gemma and Jim. It was brilliant. You were all so friendly and approachable which meant it was easy to ask questions. There was so much teaching and I learnt so much, halving the number of strokes I swim in just one day. I can’t wait to start practising and will definitely come back for another class. I would love to go to Turkey but the dates are not possible for May 2020 but I will come to a swim camp. I can’t wait to learn more . The video is great too. It was an excellent day – thank you all very much.

  10. Simon Jordan

    Just spent a day with Adam and absolutely fantastic. I’m amazed at how his unique style works. Once you get your head around it you can see how brilliant it is and how much smoother and quicker you will be.
    I can’t recommend Adam’s swim camps enough.
    Go do it

  11. Katie Robinson

    A great workshop with Adam and the team. Everyone not only knowledgeable but also enthusiastic and encouraging. Think of this as an investment in enjoying your swimming without pain and loving that glide through the water. When I got back in the pool after the workshop it had suddenly got shorter!

  12. Tony Miller

    Fantastic follow up camp.Really helpful in the development of the stroke.Adam and Jim were fantastic and I would defo recommend the follow up after stage 1 if your serious about the stroke
    Thanks guys see u soon

  13. John Hörnquist

    Great to get so much hands on instructions and feedback from both Adam and Ian. I have tried to learn the technique from insta and vimeo for a long time before comming to this class. And some things I had picked up but others I thought I had but they needed a lot of correction. Now I have a much better idea on how and what. Really helpful to both hear and see how I was supposed to do the excercises irl, and even be held till doing them right when necessary, and to see the results on video after. If anything it would have been a bonus to see the last swim we did (when we did the full stroke) as well, but there was not enought time to record that.

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