I started to learn swimming at 30 years old, and after 10 years of struggling, with so many and often opposite advices in different lessons/stages, I decided to make a trip to Lincoln for a 3 days 1 to 1 lessons. I have followed Adam’s Facebook for the last 2 years and have asked myself if it could apply to myself, as I am very stiff, not tall, with a very bad kick.

Adam is a very good teacher: He takes care of the details, adapts the gesture to yourself, your body, your capabilities. He is patient and tries to find out what is wrong, what can be improved. He is moreover friendly and makes the lesson enjoyable!

The methodology starts from the very beginning (basically how to float in the water) and goes through different stages with each time a new small step… until the full movement with the kick. It allowed me to integrate the different movements separately before to do it all together. Basically, this was the first time someone showed/explained me in such way!
The use of the camera is constant, which is very useful as you can see yourself, and correct immediately. In “usual” camp/lesson, you get a video at the beginning, and one at the end, which is really not sufficient to improve yourself quickly.

3 days allowed me to:
– get/understand/practice the drills, but also the full stroke & kick
– Feel myself in the water, understand what is wrong and what I have to correct
– So I can go on to improve at home with simple drills & feelings
– Reduce drastically my strokes numbers by keeping the same speed
– Change completely my style (that 1 lifeguard recognized the first time I went to the swimming pool at home!)

My plan is to continue to practice the drills & to swim very slowly (but hopefully correctly) during the next 2-3 months, before to work again on the duration & speed…

I definitively can advise to follow lessons with Adam, whatever your level is, as long as you agree to forget what you have learned until now and take time to work on the technique.

See you in a camp in the future Adam, I am sure about it!