I have always been anxious with anything to do with water & battled particularly with putting my head in the water. This lesson was booked last year as a gift & I really wanted to do it but just kept delaying it due to my fears. I then got the courage to set a date & came to meet Adam.
From the minute I met Adam, he made me feel so comfortable. His story is absolutely amazing & that got me the confidence to listen to him.
During the 3 hrs session, Adam broke his technique into clear stages using state of the art sound & video technology to communicate with me while under the water. I still cannot believe how Adam managed to guide me into putting my head under the water. It’s something I thought I could never do.
Through his encouragement, constant support & clear instructions, I was able to battle all my fears & learn his technique.
A truly remarkable & life changing experience for me.
The videos I have received of myself with Adam’s instructions & key points are very useful material to help me now & continue my training before booking my next session with Adam & are a testament that makes me feel so proud of myself.