I first came across Adam Ocean Walker on Instagram, I thought wow! I would love to swim so effortlessly like he does, as a triathlete, swimming was my weakest discipline, I set about learning the technique straightaway, step by step, not easy to start with, to really benefit learning the drills from scratch is to use Vimeo, highly recommended!
My Husband and I went to Adam’s opening of his academy in June, it was such a pleasure to swim in the gorgeous Crystal lake, we were lucky to meet Adam and have the privilege to watch him swim, it was then I decided to have a 121 with the great man himself, the session started at 10am for 5 hours in the endless pool, as I am deaf relying on lipreading, Adam was very patient and made sure he faced me when speaking, I learnt all the drills, basically I went back to the technique basics.
At the end of the session, I came away with an enormous wealth of knowledge to practice, I will have videos of the session to work on too, at some point, I will return for a follow up.
I throughly recommend a 121 or sign up for his step by step sessions on Vimeo, a swim at the Crystal lake is also a must!
Thank you for the Ocean Walker experience!