Been a big fan of Adam’s technique ever since it popped up in my YouTube search for learning how to swim a couple of years ago. Since then I took Master Class with a group of like minded swimmers and a follow up session a few weeks later. Both helped a great deal with understanding the method behind the technique and thanks to Adam’s attention to detail, ensured that all my questions were answered with plenty of examples and repetitions. After a few months of practicing at the local pool I went for a 1:1 lesson with Adam that highlighted a few “bad habits” one tends to developed. Namely, an infamous “handshake” which contributes a great deal to over-rotarion and loss of velocity. Unfortunately a year long lockdown put training on hold so as soon as swimming pools reopened this year and Adam could teach again I booked myself for another 1:1 follow up and was able to instantly improve my swimming with a few helpful insights and cutting edge technology that Adam employs to instantly review your progress and offer tips on what to pay attention to while swimming and what not to do. Have to work on my left leg kick being somewhat weak when compared to the other leg (I’m right handed). New facilities are excellent and well equipped and Adam’s teaching is second to none and only gets better with time. I’ll definitely be back but for now it’s daily swimming to cement the technique and build some muscle memory. Thanks Adam and Gemma. Until next time!