I have had many coached sessions and lessons in the thirty years I have been a long distance triathlete but the day I spent with Adam was both the best structured and subsequently the biggest impact training experience I have had in all those years. It was an intense session so I was pleased i was able to share this with my daughter (also a long distance triathlete) but it worked to show me how to adopt a completely new way of moving through the water.
I thought I would wait a while before providing this write-up, but I did not have to wait long! After only three pool sessions practicing the drills taught on the day with Adam I took the Ocean Walker Technique to the North Sea yesterday. The impact was immediate/incredible! My 100m time in open water has reduced from 2 minutes (before Adam) to 1:35 (after Adam) in a 30 minute training swim with, if anything, feeling less tiredness in what was a very ‘cold’ swim!
I still feel there is a lot more to come, as it will take some time to completely ‘dial in’ the technique, but at the age of 60, to be making these sort of improvement in one week after the one day coaching , I thought this was worth sharing.