I’ve just finished my second session with Jim. I have a medical issue with my arms that has stopped me swimming crawl for a few years ( and have never been able to maintain it for any distance), so I decided to book the split sessions rather than the 5 hours all in one. I was hoping to be able to learn a technique that will allow me to swim crawl without putting too much pressure on my arms. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the lessons so much! Its been such a positive experience as Jim is so enthusiastic and good at coaching. Before my first session I was anxious that the lessons weren’t for me as I’m not a serious swimmer or have any desire to be able to swim quickly, but Jim was very reassuring. The facility is amazing, the endless pool with the cameras to record videos of each of the stages, which are sent on to you with a voice over , are perfect for being able to refer back to. I also booked to go in the lake the day after both sessions, lovely relaxing atmosphere and felt very safe.
Now I just have to practice- and I’m already planning to book a follow up session .