I was a little worried that I wasn’t training for anything exciting like a Triathlon or a channel crossing but just wanted to push myself to achieve the effortless freestyle stroke that Adam has perfected. These concerns were pretty much dispelled by Zoe on reception before I was greated by Adam who once again immediately accepted my purpose and level of ability before starting 3 hours of intense but achievable training in the impressive endless pool.

Adam is a very thorough instructor, he quickly understands the pupil and uses the technology available to create excellent, ongoing feedback. Corrections can be applied immediately and a level of consistency can be achieved. Multiple camera angles mean nothing is missed and even the smallest adjustments can be applied to your next attempt at the well considered stages of the course.

On completing the session I knew I could achieve the Ocean Walker Technique. Of course I need more pool time, I have access to the saved videos of my endless pool training to remind me of the drills required to gain muscle memory and I have a new found determination to achieve my goal.

Thanks to everyone at Ocean Walker. I’m still buzzing!