I went on the Turkey camp last May and it was a baptism of fire as I am a relative beginner to front crawl and open water swimming,but Adam and Steve were really helpful all the way through. It’s a completely different technique to master and the subtlest of changes make a significant difference and far less effort. I felt I needed a top up so booked a 1;1 session just this week. Absolutely invaluable. I really enjoyed it. Adam has focus and attention to detail and patience to impress upon getting the basics and the drills right and to trust the technique so speed comes later. Practice practice practice !! To anyone who’s thinking of trying this ….go for it. Don’t feel you have to be a competent or experienced or elite swimmer to do this. It is applicable to those wanting to improve ,those wanting to avoid injury /swim with shoulder issues and to elite triathletes..I am def enjoying the drills and feeling the pendulum and enjoying the relative reduction in effort to swim. I am swimming Coniston end to end this year ,I will definitely continue to work on this technique and I can highly recommend the camps and 1:1.