In a bid to improve my swimming, I have been attempting to teach myself the ocean walker technique by watching Adam’s online program. Having struggled to grasp the technique I decided to book an OPT 1 starter session at the academy with Adam. The day was great, the tuition, facilities and environment are second to none. It also highlighted how far ‘ off the mark ‘ I was with the technique and I don’t think I would have ever progressed any further with the online option. The fact is that I’m still not there yet but I am confident that I now know what I’m doing and I understand the technique; it’s just now a case of putting in the time doing what Adam has taught me. Once mastered and with a season under my belt I’ll definitely be back for a top up session. I know some may consider the starter session to be a significant investment, but it’s money well spent and great value for money given the time you have with Adam and the brilliant tech that supports the lesson. Thanks v much Paul