Having attended a swim camp in Turkey a few years ago and with the passing of time I was conscious that some old bad habits were starting to take over and impact my technique and so I booked a 2 hour 121 session with Adam to understand what I needed to start to work on to improve.

The Ocean Walker Academy is situated in a beautiful location in Lincoln with world class facilities. The changing & shower area are the best I have ever seen in a sports facility!

The endless pool is a large square shape, perfectly lit for filming and analysis, heated to a comfortable 29 degrees meaning that even after 2 hours I was still warm.

Adam’s coaching style is a mixture of patience and perfection providing instant analysis and feedback for improvement via sharing video footage on an iPad after each drill.

The 2 hour session was intensive, onboarding many corrections to my body position, alignment and technique however flew by and was an enjoyable learning and improvement experience.

I received links to the video footage the next day to review, reflect on and implement in my ongoing training.

I would highly recommend this type of 121 session and know I will benefit from a follow up session again in the future.