3 hr session with Adam Walker

I have always been anxious with anything to do with water & battled particularly with putting my head in the water. This lesson was booked last year as a gift & I really wanted to do it but just kept delaying it due to my fears. I then got the courage to set a...

Adam testimonial

Adam was very professional calm and tried to teach slowly and comprehensively with compassion as a difficult skill to relearn.

1-2-1 Session with Adam

Had a 1-2-1 session with Adam yesterday doing the ocean walker technique. Being a fairly confident swimmer I wasn’t too sure how much it would help however in 3 hours I completely transformed my swimming style. It Will take some work but very clear the technique...

Adaptive and thorough

Thank you Adam for your patience and adaptivity during my starter session. My poor coordination and the need to unlearn sub conscious habits were overcome by Adams deep understanding of the technique and anatomy. A great start to acquiring a freestyle stroke that will...

Amazing Tuition

An amazing experience, Adam Walker really knew how to teach each part of the process to enable the final technique. I will definitely be booking with him again but for now will be practising what he has taught me for the next few months.